Branching Out 1973

Spring 1973

New Branch : Grand River Branch 

Members in west central Ontario, west of the Niagara escarpment, expressed their wish to have their own local U.E.L. branch.  From 1970 onward thoughts and plans have developed to form a branch in this part of Ontario offering a fine potential for membership.  It is hoped that future branch meetings will be held in various locations of this region from Lake Erie northward to Georgian Bay.

Although many Loyalist descendants have populated the area, it is significant that during the 1830’s and 1840’s there was a Loyalist exodus from New Brunswick to the district now comprises Norfolk and Brant Counties.

More concentrated work was begun in 1971 by Mr. E.J. Chard for a branch or branches to serve this part of Ontario and he was supported from the late summer of 1972 onward by Mr. K.M. Casselman of Kitchener and more recently by Mr. Michael Spohn and his relatives in the area.

February 24 an application was made by the first named person to the Dominion Council and a charter was granted for the Grand River U.E.L. Branch having its president, Dr. Vera F. Vanderlip 45 Caroline Street North, Waterloo, Ontario.

Readers who have relatives and friends who reside in this large area between Lake Erie and Georgian Bay and who may qualify for membership are asked to contact Dr. Vanderlip.

Autumn 1973

Message from Grand River Branch 

[photo: Dr. Vera F. Vanderlip]  As the Spring issue of the Gazette implied, the Grand River Branch is just now putting forth its first fragile leaves.  The large area we encompass, stretching from Georgian Bay to Lake Erie, contains many Loyalist settlements and we hope the Branch will soon show the strength that is inherent in it.  Letters from interested persons are coming in daily.

Meantime, we sent congratulations to the Loyalist Gazette and its editor on a decade of successful publication.  This journal and all the Branches are in reality actively engaged in Canadian research of a most vital kind viz that of Canada’s founding families.  May such valid, historical efforts thrive.  Branch members should at all times endeavour to be active and vocal in their community’s affairs.  Their perspective is longer and their interest older than that of most other Canadians.  After all, our ancestors were among the first to invest in this country!  As to Canada’s future, our vision can be kept clear by carefully planned Branch programs.  Our country is still in a formative stage.

Branch Reports: Grand River Branch

The organizational meeting of the Grand River Branch of the U.E.L. Association of Canada was held on April 15th at the home of the President, Dr. Vera Vanderlip, 45 Caroline Street, North, Waterloo, Ontario.

Those present were: Mr. Jack Aikman, Hamilton; Mr. Keith Casselman, Kitchener; Dr. J.G. Dillane, Hamilton; Mrs. Edna Habel, Kitchener; Miss Opal Howey, Brantford; Miss Mary Pirie, Waterloo; Mr. Marvin Rush, Waterloo; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Sanders, Cambridge; Mr. and Mrs. Michael Spohn, Toronto; Dr. V. Vanderlip, Waterloo; Mrs. Jas. Welsh, Cambridge.

Dr. Vanderlip extended a warm welcome to all those present.  Everyone felt reasonably well acquainted through personal exchanges of Loyalist background preceding the call to order.

Mr. Casselman told of the steps he had taken to inform all eligible persons in the area.  All those interested were added to the mailing list, husbands and wives to be called Associate Members, and friends not of U.E.L. descent were to be welcomed to attend meetings.  Fees were to be arranged later for these persons.  The annual branch fee for members was set at $5.00, the amount to be reviewed in one year.

Two meetings were planned for the autumn.  The place and speaker were left to the executive to decide.

The members were in favour of remaining in contact with the Waterloo Historical Society and the newly-formed Waterloo-Wellington Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society.

Suggested programs for the meetings included travelogues of interest to U.E.L.’s, addresses by authors of works related to early Canada, historical films, speakers, such as Canon Zimmerman of The Chapel of the Mohawks and the Rev. Findlay Stewart of Kitchener.

Discussion of a major project for the Branch was introduced by the chairman.  Some suggestions were given by Hamilton members, e.g. restoration of early cemeteries, plaques on historic sites as yet unmarked, contributions to museums, and collections of U.E.L. artifacts.

The pro tem president and treasurer-genealogist were duly confirmed in their positions for this year, and given authority to find others within the Branch to fill the other positions.

Refreshments and lively conversation followed the adjournment.

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