Branching Out 1984

June 1984

Messages from Branch Presidents

  Robert L.P. Morden, Grand River Branch : 

Shortly after the close of World War II we became familiar with the term “D.P.’s” or “Displaced Persons”.  This term described those unfortunate immigrants whose homes and way of life had been totally destroyed by war.  They came to Canada to seek a new beginning in a new land.  In 1784, another wave of “D.P.’s” came to what is now Ontario.  They, too, came as a result of war, but with an important distinction: their exodus was a result of choice.  They had chosen to remain loyal to their King and Country, and not become part of the new American republic.  These new immigrants had to make a new beginning in a virtual wilderness.  Two hundred years later, we who have inherited this province from them are continuing to benefit from the firm foundations they laid.  As descendants of “D.P.’s by choice”, we must not fail to keep their memory alive by maintaining the loyal ideals they bequeathed us.  May 1984 be not only a year of looking back at our Loyalist roots, but more importantly, one of looking forward and continuing to build on the Loyalist foundation.

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