Branching Out 2003

Spring 2003

Grand River

The Reeves and McCarey Families joined Col. John Butler Branch at an event at Fort Niagara. 

President Bob McCarey, in costume, laid a Remembrance Day Wreath in Simcoe. 

He also attended three family reunions, Chrysler and McCarey in Michigan and Matthews in Woodhouse and talked about the Loyalists and how to join the Association.  He went to Brantford’s “walk of fame” when Joseph Brant UE was inducted.  He gave a costumed presentation and talk about Loyalists and Pioneers to a Grade 3 – 4 class at Our Lady of Fatima in Courtland. 

We took our display to Norfolklore, an annual genealogy fair, in Simcoe. 

Doris Lemon gave her costumed dramatization of her Loyalist ancestor Mary Titus Williams and Canadian History 1783 to 1818 to Sandhills Womens’ Probus Club in Waterloo and a Sorority Club.

Norfolk Historical Society engaged costumed members of Grand River to speak to two grade seven classes at Eva Brook Donly Museum in Simcoe. 

Our four UE generations: Doris Wilson UE, Marilyn Branch UB, Becky LeClerc and Culver LeClerc UE, received excellent coverage in The Simcoe Reformer for their part in the presentation with Marilyn Haslinger and Doris Lemon. 

Loyalists are mentioned in the new book BRANT COUNTY, 150-YEAR CELEBRATION, written by member Angela Files and photographs by Ruth Lefler.  Angela took records to the Paris Historical Society meeting and spoke at Brant Genealogical Society about government from Loyalist times to 1852. 

Doris Marcellus UE and Marilyn McDonald UE, attended at Chiefswood for the launch of the new book about Pauline Johnson. 

Culver LeClerc UE, our Young Loyalist, was awarded a Volunteer Service Award and received press coverage. 

We donated $300.00 to Norfolk Historical Society’s Loyalist Library research room; $150.00 to UELAC Project 2014 and $150.00 to Bernice Wood-Flett Scholarship Fund. 

Grand River is preparing for a celebratory “Tribute to the Loyalists in the Long Point Settement, and All Loyalists” with David Moore as the guest speaker: topic: “Why be a Loyalist?” on June 21, 2003 in Vittoria, a fund-raising event for Project 2014, and invites everyone with a Loyalist ancestor to attend and host a family display table.

Fall 2003

Grand River

The Loyalist Tribute was held on June 21, 2003 at Vittoria, and celebrated Loyalists in the Long Point Settlement. The Press coverage was excellent. It was a fair of Loyalist artifacts and genealogies with twenty-four family displays, Norfolk Historical Society, Norfolk Genealogical Society, Long Point Settlers and Project 2014.  A piper and town crier called the meeting, and the local MP, MPP and Mayor attended.  Sgt. Major David Moore UE was an inspiring speaker as he addressed the topic, “Why Be A Loyalist”.  Young Loyalist Culver LeClerc read excerpts from Sarah’s Diary, and was joined by Amy and April McCarey in a demonstration of quill pen writing. A draw was held for a doll in a Loyalist gown.

A total of $1,018. was raised for Project 2014. Loyalist Tribute posters are available for $2. each plus postage. Without the printing, they are suitable for other Branches’ celebrations.

We received excellent free press coverage and the Trillium grant paid for press in three newspapers in the area. Doris Lemon was interviewed by Erica Ritter on CBC One.

Grand River Branch expresses appreciation to the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Recreation for the grant that made Loyalist Tribute possible. 

The planning and execution of Loyalist Tribute, hosted by Bill Terry UE, required many volunteers and hours.  It was a heart-warming celebration and many requests to hold it again were received. 

On Heritage Day our display was in Kitchener with Kathleen Pasnyk, Jim Sweet, Glen Sweet, Fred Blayney, Claire Machan, and Doris Lemon in attendance.  We also attended the “Port Maitland-Festival of History” with the display hosted by Rev. John Crnickshank, Bob McCarey, Bill and Carol Terry, Marilyn McDonald, and Jim Sweet. 

Doris Lemon gave an illustrated talk to primary students in Bracebridge as well as in Simcoe and Woodstock, (with assistance by Ellen Tree, Bob McCarey, Doris Wilson, Marilyn Branch, Culver LeClerc and Marilyn Haslinger at the latter two).  Doris has also spoken at the Brant Women’s Probus Club, the University of Waterloo History/Genealogy Class and the Kitchen Sorority Club.  Bill Terry spoke to the Elgin County OGS Branch. 

Our Loyalist Day Flag Raising was at Simcoe Town Hall. with Branch President John Cruickshank leading the members. There was also a flag presented to Norfolk County Council, and a display at Simcoe Public Library. 

Culver LeClerc, our Young Loyalist, gave a costumed reading at the school in Caledonia.  She receives press attention wherever she gives a reading of Sarah’s Diary. 

The Branch will also attend Norfolklore in Simcoe, the 1812 reenactment at Backus, and Heritage Days in Caledonia. 

We took the displays and held meetings in Lyndoch, Port Ryerse, Bufford, Simcoe, Woodstock, Paris

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