Branching Out 2006

Spring 2006

Grand River

Education/Outreach Chairperson 

The $ 450.00 grant from the UELAC provided three plaques at cemeteries wherein Loyalists are buried: Old Woodhouse, Vittoria and Old Windham. Three more will be chosen in 2006 including Burford. 

Copies of Sarah’s Diary are hardbound.  One was presented to Doris Wilson, the author, in appreciation of the book. Copies will be donated to the National Library and the Ontario Minister of Education. 

Classroom presentations were given in Simcoe, Brantford and Caledonia. 

Loyalist history presentations were given at various locations: Palmerston UCW, IODE Simcoe, OGS Woodstock, East Plains, Burlington and Hamilton Mountain Heritage Society.

Our display was hosted at Heritage Days in Kitchener, Port Maitland and Waterloo. 

A very special meeting was written and presented by Suzanne Hines: History and Tea with Mrs. Simcoe, with Cathy Thompson in full period costume.  A proper tea followed a Powerpoint history lesson.  It was great fun to see Suzanne seated at a state-of-the-art machine in period costume.  The enjoyable programme is highly recommended to other Branches. 

Our annual heritage grant, for which we thank the Ministry, provided $ 350.00 for the Loyalist Library at Eva Brook Donly Museum and $ 100.00 for the Bernice Wood Flett Scholarship Fund. The projects for the balance of the grant will be decided upon in March. 

Applications with the Federal New Horizons Program, if successful, will provide funds to publish Loyalist Families of Members of the Grand River Branch UELAC Volume II. Members are already working on submissions. 

Project 2014–Loyalists in the Long Point Settlement and Along the Grand.  Names for these two projects and pertinent information will continue to be collected. Descendants are invited to submit their ancestors’ names for Haldimand, Norfolk, Brant Counties, etc. 

Doris Ann Lemon UE

Fall 2006

Grand River

LOYALIST BURIAL SITE PLAQUE: With a grant from UELAC, plaques were designed and placed at three local cemeteries by Cathy Thompson and Marilyn Haslinger assisted by Don Thompson, Bob and Monica McCarey and Bill and Carol Terry.  In 2006, with a further grant, we plan to mark: Pioneer at Oakland; St. John’s Anglican, Woodhouse; Doan’s Hollow and, if funds hold, Johnson in St. Williams and two others to be determined. 

GIRL GUIDE–GOLD CORD was presented in a special ceremony at Backus Conservation Area to our Youth Member April McCarey by Branch Genealogist Cathy Thompson who had assisted April in achieving this. Cathy presented April with her UELAC Certificate as well.  We extend hearty congratulations to April.

Education Outreach: Bill Terry made a presentation at the Slocomb Reunion which included Kniffen, Bowlby, Ryerse, Lemon, Williams and other Norfolk descendants. Cathy Thompson spoke at South Walsingham–Port Rowan Heritage Association and Anglican Church Women in Port Rowan. Doris Lemon and Jim Sweet had the Branch display at Heritage Day in Kitchener. Doris Lemon held four genealogy workshops in Waterloo and had a Loyalist and artefact display in Luther Village for three months. Fred and Dora Mae Blayney had a display there of their Royal Family collection. 

South West Regional Meeting, London, Apri1 2006: Many Branch members attended and appreciated the excellent program and sharing of information.  The “Tea with Mrs. Simcoe” costumed presentation by Members Cathy Thompson as Mrs. Simcoe, Marilyn Branch as narrator, and Sue Hines as Director with Power-point presentation was well received. 

We thank Regional Vice President Fred Hayward UE for the guidance he provided the Branches during his terra of office and wish him well as Senior Vice President. 

LOYALIST FAMILIES OF MEMBERS OF THE GRAND RIVER BRANCH Vol. II. Book Editorial Board, chaired by Irene MacCrimmon, is accepting chapters from Members for this forthcoming book. The Ontario Trillium Foundation denied our 2005 request for funding, “due to limited interest”.  A new application was submitted in June, 2006.

By Doris Ann Lemon UE, 
Education/Outreach Chair

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