Branching Out 2009

Spring 2009

Grand River

Branch members from across the Central West Region came together at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London on Sunday, 21 September, for a Service of Celebration and Remembrance of the 225th Anniversary of the Landing of the Loyalists in Nova Scotia.

The Grand River Branch UELAC is pleased to announce the publication of Volume II Loyalist Families of the Grand River.  During the past two years members of the Branch have submitted the stories of their Loyalist ancestor(s) along with three generation charts and direct line charts.

In some cases, where the ancestor had already been included in Volume I, the member has added new details about their own family.  The submissions have included pictures, charts, maps etc.  Although publication of the book will occur in March of 2009, the actual costs are not yet known.  It is the plan, however, to offer the book in hard cover, soft cover and CD format.

Loyalist Families of the Grand River, Volume I is now available on CD at the cost of $24.00 including shipping.

Grand River Branch will be continuing with their project of signing United Empire Loyalist Burial Grounds in 2009.

By Marilyn McMillan UE, Branch Secretary

Fall 2009

Grand River

Grand River Branch plans to continue their project of plaquing United Empire Loyalist Burial Grounds. The following cemeteries have been proposed for plaquing in 2009: Clear Creek Cemetery, Houghton Township, Norfolk County where Loyalist Jacob Becker UE is buried is one of the cemeteries. Another is Hillcrest Cemetery, Charlotteville Township, Norfolk County.  Loyalist Lawrence Johnson UE is buried in this cemetery. Port Royal Cemetery, South Walsingham Township, Norfolk County is the resting place of John Peter Fick UE.  Loyalist Wynant Williams UE is buried in Port Dover Cemetery and Lucas Dedrick UE is buried in Bayview Cemetery, Port Rowan. Two cemeteries in Brantford, Greenwood and Batson (Tranquility), have Loyalist burials and will have plaques erected as well. 

Loyalist Families of the Grand River Volume II was launched by Grand River Branch UELAC at its meeting in March.  The book contains stories of Loyalist ancestors of members of the Branch along with three generation charts and direct line charts, for $95.00, or in CD format for $30.00, each including shipping. 

Loyalist Families of the Grand River, Volume I is also available for $25.00, including shipping.  

Grand River Branch’s charter was presented on 29 September 1974.  Thirty fifth Anniversary Celebrations took place on 20 September 2009 with a dinner at the Oakland Community Centre, Oakland, Ontario.  Dominion President, Frederick H. Hayward UE, was the after-dinner speaker. 

By Marilyn McMillan, Branch Secretary

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