Loyalist Burial Ground

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Norfolk CountyLoyalist
Woodhouse United* Jacob Buchner & wife, Catherine
* James Matthews & wife, Margaret Force
* Isaac Gilbert & Wife, Mary Rowland
* Platt Wood & wife, Sarah Gilbert
* Col. Joseph Ryerson & wife, Matilda Stickney
* Rev. Daniel Freeman
* Albert Berdan & wife (no stone)
* Jacob Potts & Wife, Catherine
* Frederick Sovereign & wife, Patience
* Abraham Powell (stone?)
* Richard Mead
Old Windham* John Bemer & wife, Hannah Lewis
* Asa Bacon (stone?)
* Mathias Boughner
* Philip Force (stone?)
* Michael Shaw & wife, Freelove Collver
* Rev. Jabez Culver & wife
* William Schuyler & wife, Eunice Beemer
Vittoria Baptist* Abraham Smith & wife, Rachel
* Isaac Vail & Wife, Elizabeth Caldwell
* John Stone & wife, Nancy (Ana) Mabee
* Rev. Titus Finch & wife, Nancy
* John Gustin (stone ?)
* Solomon Austin
Vittoria United
St. Andrew’s
* Capt Walter Anderson & wife, Mary; Peter Secord
(St. Williams)
* Margaret Mabee & husband Anthony Manuel
* Peter Montross Sr & wife, Leah Mabee Montross
* Peter Procunier & wife, Elsie
* Thomas Cope
St John’s Woodhouse* Abraham Rapelje & wife, Sara Vanderburgh
* Ephraim Tisdale
* George Salmon & wife, Parnel Mead
* Jonathan Williams & wife, Mary Titus
McCall/Fairchild* Lieut. Donald McCall & wife, Elsie Simpson
* Martha McCool, wife of John McCall
Greenwood/Haviland* Job Slaght & wife, Elizabeth
* Capt. John Haviland & wife, Sarah Birdsell
* William McCool & wife, Margaret Walker
* Abraham Mesecar & wife, Sarah Slaght
Doan’s Hollow* Thomas Bowlby
* Lieut. Abner DeCou
* Capt. William Park & wife, Abigail
(Port Rowan)
* Lucas Dedrick
Neal Memorial* Rev. George Neal & wife, Mary
Fairview/Forestville* John Kern & wife, Charity
Memorial Anglican
(Port Ryerse)
* Col. Samuel Ryerse & wife, Sarah Underhill
* Abraham Sells & wife, Mary
Franklin/Fairview* William Hutcheson & wife,Catherine Lewis
Boston* John Johnson
* Peter Fairchild
McQueen* Daniel McQueen
Hazen* Daniel Hazen & wife, Catherine Lewis Hutchinson
Clear Creek
Hillcrest Cemetery
* Lawrence Johnson
Brant CountyLoyalist
St. Mary’s Cainsville* John Fille
Mount Pleasant* Thomas Perrin
Oakland Pioneer* Daniel Secord & wife, Elizabeth
* Finlay Malcolm & wife, Tryphena Wardell
Burford Pioneer* Rev. Thomas Whitehead
* George Olmstead
* Daniel Bowen
Oxford CountyLoyalist
Oxford Centre Pioneer* Samuel Canfield & wife, Lucy
North Norwich Pioneer/Quaker* Samuel Moore
Otterville Pioneer
Elgin CountyLoyalist
Edison (Vienna)* John Edison
* Jeremiah Anderson
Estherville* Rev. John Saxton